n F.A.Q


First of all you must know that this page does not belong to any community, is truly independent. Also notice that this page is a tribute to oriental avatar pixel art.

1. Which program do you use to make your website?
Web Sphere Homepage Builder 6.0 from IBM
2. For how long you have been drawing?
Difficult to say, I think I did it since I can remember.
3. Which program do you use to draw/pixel?
I use Open Canvas, Photoshop and Painter, but I like to experiment with almost any program.
4. Can put your draws/pixels in my website?
Yes, you can put them while you don't alter them or erase my name from them. You also have to put a link back to my site.
5. Why it takes you 100 years to update your site?
I update my Web when I want to. That also means I have free time to. I don't have any kind of obligation or schedule to update frequently.
6. Why you don't hold events more frequently?
Because make them just for fun, when feel like I want to and update them the same way I update the site... from 100 to 100 years.
7. Can I be your sister site?
Dunno lately I don't understand whant means exactly being sister sites. I thougt it was something between friends but now seems just a way to get links and hits. There's no fun in that.
8. Why you don't make Site Awards or Seasonal gifts?
Just because I'm lazy do to them.
9. Why you don't take part in contest/events?
I used to do it in the past but by now I wont do it.
10. Can you build a website for me?
No, Im sorry.
11. Can I link your pixel/art direclty?
No, please.
12. Can I do a doll maker with your bases?
You must email me personally to talk about this.
13. Why you don't do more bases?
I'm not a base provider. Just made mines for fun and to make my own avatars.
14. Can I use your any of your pixel/avatar/art or parts of them to make my own creations?
No, of course.
I know that my Mahou base and my avatars are ripped everywhere in the "Dollers World Net" but that other shameless people do it doesn't mean you got the right to do it too.
15. Do you know that "X" or "Y" are frankendoling your art?
Yes, of course. I know perfectly who do it but actually I cannot make anynothing to stop it. If there is shameless people who like to steal others and not giving any kind of credit back I cannot do anything to fix that.
16. Which color are your eyes?, where do you live?, what do you take in your bag?
This web is a gallery of my pixels not a web about myself or my personal life.
17. You don't know how to draw another things?, Why don't you draw X? *X = any style you want
I draw Pixel Art or Shoujo Style for fun, many time ago I drew fashion mannequins, who knows what I will be making tomorrow.
18. I also draw/pixeling, can you puy my art on your site or tell me where to put it?
This web is a gallery of my art if you want you can also make your own web.
19. Do you accept drawing/pixeling requests/commisions?
I am open to serious works proposals. Collaborations and free draws got to be something I would like or enjoy to do.
20. Can I link your web?
Yes, 2 Pixel & Lola Palacios Art are 100% Free link, go here > n
21. Can we exchange links?
Yes, send me a mail
22. Can I do a Fan Club about your art or person?
No, sorry.