n 15.12.03 n

10 New Pixys
New Mahou Dolls Edit-Bases
Other Section

n 26.08.03 n

20 New Pixys
New Mahou Dolls Edit-Bases
Gifts & Awards

n 23.08.03 n

I had a problem with my system and I lost all the mails since 2 months. I know lot of people send Pixy Clothes and other pixel art. Hope you can read this and send them back. Im really sorry seems like my computer hate me >_<

n 28.07.03 n

20 New Pixys
New Mahou Dolls Bases
Gifts & Awards

n 12.07.03 n

11 New Pixys
New Doll - Mahou - Game

n 29.05.03 n

Dolls Bases
Gifts Awards.

n 14.05.03 n

At last I can update!!. I had too much traffic the last months and I coulden't upgrade. Thanks everyone for visiting so much my web ^^
Dolls Section.
Pixy Clothes.
. Others.
Gifts Awards.

n 27.03.03 n

New Bases.
New Sister =^^=

n 08.03.03 n

I'm still trying to update all the right way and still got mails to reply, sorry to all that people who got late answer.
About sistersiting I'm still busy but hope I can have more time soon to accept all the proposals.
Some asked about having a dollmaker with my bases in this site. I won't do it one by myself but other persons asked for permission to make their own dollmakers with my bases and I will link them when the got it done.
New Doll in Gothic.
New Section in Dolls.
New Gifts and Awards.
New Winners in Contest
New Pixels in Other.

n 18.02.03 n

Yay! Finally I'm back! Now I have to put things in order and update everything. Started replying mails, thanks everyone and for the wonderful gifts some made me ^^
. More Gifts & Awards
Pixy: You want to make clothes for Pixy? Do it and send them to me or tell me any design ideas you would like to see. That way Pixy could change her look everyday and she will thank you showing a link to your site.

n 06.01.03 n

I'm very busy this days and I can't attend this like I would like to. I promise I will reply all of you but I need time. Thx you =^^=

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