n 30.12.04 n

2PIXEL finally is back. Please update your bookmarks to :
Thank your and Happy Hollydays! ^^

n 09.11.04 n

New animation for Sailor V.
Upgrade Totoro Scene with more frames.
New Avatar: my figure Pinky:st Series 4, N12 from VanceProject. I just brought one

n 25.10.04 n

Event Vote Ended, winners soon.
3 Cakes.

n 17.10.04 n

New Layout to celebrate 3 years online.

Read & About sections updated, please read them.

Game eventually offline.

3 New Avatars.

Cheerleader Contest in Open Voting.

Finally seems like my isp solved the problem, looks like big part of the mails were in the server, some mails are still missing but is great!.

n 16.09.04 n

Two cutes Hamtaro.
My email still doomed, now noone works...

n 27.08.04 n

Sorry but my email keeps troubeling didn't recive any email since weeks. I hope my provider fix it soon.

n 10.08.04 n

New Animation.
. Contest Entries CheerLeader.
Lately been experiencing some problems with mail account. Some told me that they couldn't send their contest entries. Please insist sending your mails. Thanks.
Need to rebuild Pixy section. Any suggestions?
n 05.08.04 n

New Avatar.
. Contest Entries CheerLeader.

n 24.07.04 n

New Avatar.
One Award
. New Contest/Event CheerLeader.

n 09.07.04 n

New Avatar.
. New Edit Bases.
. Contest Winners.
. New Award.

n 10.05.04 n

New Avatar.
. Bases up.

n 04.05.04 n

Got to say I'm sorry. I was angry about copycat persons but this last week a lot of people mailed saying how much they enjoy pixeling. Many to mention here but you know who you are, thanks all.

You are right, Mahou been here for a long time and if others wanted to copy it they already done it. Taking it offline won't change anything and just harm the ones who use it for fun.

I'm glad you make me notice about a lot of people out there enjoying pixeling. Keep it that way, don't change!!.

Thanks all for your support and sorry again. I will put the bases back online just need time to make html again ^^;
New Avatar
. Sailor Moon Event Closed.

n 27.04.04 n

Minor html changes.
. Bases no more available.

n 26.04.04 n

New Avatar.
. New Barbie Event Entries & closed.
. New SailorMoon Event Entries.

n 17.04.04 n

Few links are back ^^;
New Banner buttons
New Bases BoyBe, edit shadows, new heads and poses.
. New Barbie Event Entries.
. New SailorMoon Event Entries.

n 13.04.04 n

I noticed that my database link disappear and I couldn't remember all links ;_;
If you were linkend please send me an email.

New Avatar.
New Bases in Edit Mahou & BoyBe.
. New Barbie Event Entries.
. New SailorMoon Event Entries.

n 10.04.04 n


New Gifts.
. New Barbie Event Entries.
. New SailorMoon Event Entries.

n 03.04.04 n

Check the Rules please.

Secction Other re-organized. Check the new animations <3

n 01.04.04 n

Check the Rules please.

New Avatar.
Ragnarok Online Event Winners.
. New Barbie Event Entries.
. New Event Check it !!

n 28.03.04 n

Check the Rules please.

New Avatar.
New Mahou Base Pose.
. Edo Male Pose by Justin.
New Sister Banner.
. New Barbie Event Entries.

n 24.03.04 n

Check the Rules please.

RO Event in Voting!

n 21.03.04 n

Check the Rules please.

New Avatar.
. New Event and Entries.
New Base.
New Base BoyBe Edit

n 20.03.04 n

Check the Rules please.

New Avatar.
. New Event Entries.
New Gifts.
New Awards.

n 15.03.04 n

Check the Rules please.

Yay! I'm here again I decided to re-edit Mahou bases. I worked a little bit more on it an now she have cute little hands and better shading. Don't forget to check the Game section I hope you enjoy it ^^
Game Section !!
New Avatar.
New Bases.
. New Event !!

n 27.02.04 n

Hello everybody ^^
Thanks everyone for visiting
2PIXEL too much traffic lately
my sever is always exceding it's
bandwidth ^^; is one of the
reasons why I can't update
often. I need to find free time
to redistribute whole site ^^;
and I need also some
inspiration my mind is empty
oO. If someone want to help
mails are welcome =) thank you

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